Betel leaf Chutney

I must say, I have got rather involved in my home garden and about 3 months ago I planted a betel or tamalapaku (in telugu) climber.

So I picked some leaves and I tried this recipe pretty much the same way as I do mint chutney at home and I must agree it turned out good enough to share the recipe!

Please note that betel is only harmful when chewed along with tobacco or slake lime. Infact, in some parts of India, people use betel leaves as a mouth freshner.

Ingredients :

4 tsps channa dal / kadalae paruppu / senagapappu

4 tsps urad dal / Ullutham paruppu / minapappu

5 – 6 green chillies (take your pick on this coz I like it a little spicy)

3-5 red chillies (dried)

2 tsps Jeera / cumin seeds

2 tsps mustard seeds

A small bunch of coriander leaves / Kothamalli elai / kothimeera

A handful of curry leaves / Kariveppilai / Karivepaku

6 cloves of garlic

1/2 cup Tamarind soaked water

4-5 tsps Jaggery

Betel leaves a handful

vegetable oil

salt to taste

Preparation :

1. In a pan, add a few tsps of oil, fry the channa dal, urad dal, jeera, green chillies. Once it is done, add some garlic and fry till the raw smell disappears. To this add coriander and curry leaves.

Tamalapaku pachadi-1

2. Add this to a blender along with betel leaves, salt and tamarind juice. Do not cook the betel leaves as they turn slightly bitter.

Tamalapaku pachadi-23. Now add some jaggary to it for a hot,sweet and sour taste.

Tamalapaku pachadi-3

4. Once the mix is done, heat up a pan again for the tempering or talimpu. In some hot oil, add mustard seeds, channa dal, urad dal, cumin seeds, red chillies and some hing if you prefer.

Tamalapaku pachadi-45. Now add the blended chutney into the tempering. This would cook the betel partially and that would not turn it bitter.

Tamalapaku pachadi-56. Check all the seasonings, taste and then plate up !! Try it with some raw onions and I’m sure you would like the flavors of South India!

Tamalapaku pachadi-

Enjoy with some hot steam cooked rice and do let me know how it tasted !! 🙂


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