Mutton Paya Shorba ~(Mishkin Paya)

This recipe, I have tried to replicate and get the taste of Paya I had at Shahib Sindh Sultan.

I dunno if this is the right recipe, but it TASTES PERFECT 🙂

You’ll Need :

Firstly, 2 hours of time !

Secondly, the ingredients –

6 legs of lamb (paya) cut evenly

In a mixer add –

2 medium onions quartered

2 tsps pepper corn

8 cloves

5 cardamom

1.5 inch stick of cinnamon

1/2 tsp Turmeric

A bunch of chopped Coriander

3 tsps of Ginger and Garlic paste

3 green chillies

3 tsps of soaked khus khus( soak for 5 minutes in warm water )

2 tsp of oil

Blend all the above ingredients into a nice paste and keep aside.

It has to look like below –



Other ingredients –

1 tsp of shahjeera

1 tsp of saunf

2 Bay leaves

2 tsp of corn flour OR

1 potato (don’t wonder ! This is important ! )

Cream (optional)

Salt to taste

Lime / Lemon to serve or garnish.

2-3 glasses of water per leg, so I added about 12-15 cups of water.

Preparation :

1. In a pressure cooker, add 2 tsps of oil. Crackle the bay leaves, shahjeera and saunf.

2. Add the previously made masala paste and fry it till it turns color.



3. At this juncture, once the masala paste is all sauted, add the paya.

4. Add the potato, salt to taste and pour all the water you have ! It might look a little too much but trust me, in the end you’ll only get about 5 servings.

5. Leave on the pressure cooker till you get 15-20 whistles.

6. Strain the liquid and separate meat from your liquid and masala. Mash your potato and add it to the strained liquid/soup. You can either thicken the soup with potato or corn flour. I have used potato for a better taste.

7. In a separate pan, brown some onions.

8. Serve the paya soup with the bones of course, and with brown onions, a little bit of cream if you wish and a wedge of lime.

Some things I wish to say :

1. It is important that the meat should be cooked thoroughly and it has to fall off the bone.

2. Most of us tend to add slightly more salt as the consistency is confusing. Check your seasonings.

3. It goes well with roti/parathas/naan/sheermalai.

4. Dont forget lemon !

Finally, enjoy your rainy day with paya 🙂 Home-made this time not restaurant bought ! 🙂

Enjoy !



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