Juicy Chicken ;)

I never made this before..and I did not even have an idea how this was going to turn out. It just happened randomly on one morning when my brother wanted some Chicken for his Salad / Burger / anything he made ! So it had to be versatile and I just picked some ingredients from my refrigerator…pure intuition you see ! And this turned out to be a  lip-smacking’ly good bachelor recipe !

You’ll need :

4 tsps of Soya Sauce

1.5 tsp English Mustard

2 dollops of Double Cheddar Ragu

1.5 tsp Hot Sauce

2 tsp of White Vinegar

All purpose seasoning or any seasoning you like.

Crushed Garlic– 5 cloves

Olive oil

Nutralite Butter (or cooking will do)

3 chicken breasts

Lemon zest

Prep :

1. Just mix all the sauces, 1 tsp of olive oil , lemon zest and crushed garlic with the seasoning. Your sauce is ready !

2. Pound your chicken with a rolling pin( just beat the chick out 😉 ) and add them to the sauce mix. Keep aside for about 15 mins.

3. Grease a non stick pan with nutralite butter. Initially let it be on a high flame when you drop the chicken in. Once the sides of chicken brown a little, lower the flame, cover it with a lid to retain the juices. This way you get the juicy chicken with a great texture and taste. Cook on each side for about 3 mins. On high flame for a minute and lower flame again !

Dress with chopped coriander..and eat it as it is..or feel free to add this in you salads, burgers, subs..sandwiches..what not !! 😀

Just top some buttery french bread with ice berg lettuce…salt..pepper…our very own juicy chicken and…

Enjoy ! 🙂


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