Nellore Fish Pulusu (Authentic Nellore style chepala pulusu)

Ahh..!!! Finally I’m writing this recipe ! This rustic, tangy fish in gravy is a Nellore speciality…I always wanted to learn this age old recipe from my grand mom but somehow missed it !

I have been to Nellore recently and this time, I made it a point to catch up with my late grandma’s friend who is an expert in cooking with fish..and I learnt it from her !! I tried it once I’m back to my place and it tasted justttt aweesoommeee…..! So here is the recipe for all those who love nellore style fish !! 🙂

Ingradients :

1kg of river fish

1 raw mango

Tamarind – a small sweet lime sized ball

3 tsps of Chilli powder

2 tsps of salt

1 onion chopped finely

1 tomato chopped

Curry leaves


1 tsp Mustard seeds

Green Chillies – 2 chopped

Turmeric – 1/2 tsp

1/2 tsp Fenugreek seeds


I have taken pictures at every stage and I think I missed the last one..may be coz I couldnt wait to taste it ! 😉

Here is how you prepare –

1. Take fish pieces in a deep bottomed bowl. Add chilli powder, salt, juice of tamarind, turmeric and raw mango pieces.

2. In a deep bottomed, wide pan, add about 7 tsps of oil, once hot, add fenugreek seeds (fry till they turn slightly red else it would taste bitter), add mustard seeds, curry leaves , coriander, onions and tomatoes. Saute them nicely.

Once this is done, add the fish in tamarind masala to the tempering and cook with a closed lid for about 15 mins.

Done !! Simple. Tangy. Rustic. Lip-Smacking !

3 Responses to “Nellore Fish Pulusu (Authentic Nellore style chepala pulusu)”
  1. Manju J says:

    Hello Anusha

    I just gone through this Chepala pulusu Recipe i have a question for you ppl dnt add Ginger garlic paste and bit garam masala in Chepala Pulusu ?

    • Hi Manju,

      No I dont add ginger and garlic paste. I would prefer adding chopped bits of those but never the paste. I find it over powering the flavor of the fish. Also, no garam masala in my version !

    • Hi Manju, sorry about the late reply ! I do add half a tea spoon of ginger garlic and some garam masala to get the restaurant kind of finish. If not, you can always add the coriander – mustard – fenugreek roasted powder 🙂

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