Garlic Infused Eggy Bread

What I’m about to write here is one of the most common things I make at home..for my ever-hungry brother on lazy mornings..!

This makes such a filling and easy-to-make breakfast which even a kid can enjoy making !

You’ll need :

Loaf of Garlic infused bread (any loaf is fine if you are not particular about flavor)

4 eggs

100ml milk

Olive oil (use butter if you’re not consious !)

Breakfast sausages / bacon strips/ any kind of meat you would like

2tsp of English Mustard

1 tsp Diet Mayonaisse

1 tsp Chilli tomato sauce

few sprigs of coriander

A pinch of pepper and salt

Rocket Lettuce


White onions (caramelize them with sugar if you cant handle the heat)

Grated parmesan cheese

Prep :

1. Cut the bread into 3 parts and half them.

2. In a plate, beat 4 eggs with milk and salt. Soak the bread on one side in the egg mix.

3. Take a non stick pan, add olive oil / butter and drop in the bread.

4.  Once the bread is out, mix all the sauces with coriander, pepper and a pinch of salt.

mix in the sauces

mix in the sauces

fry the sausage

fry the sausage

5. Apply a nice dollop of the sauce mix on the inner sides of the bread, layer with lettuce, onions, tomato, fried sausage pieces or bacon strips, sprinkle parmesan and sandwich it with another eggy bread.

Thats it ! Enjoy your breakfast !


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