Crispy Paneer Bites!

This is one of my favorite munches and it goes well in all occasions and doesnt take much of your energy to prepare too !!


1tsp Dhaniya powder

1tsp Jeera powder

1-2tsps chilli powder (i prefer it spicy)

About 1 tsp salt (actually, according to your taste !)

Juice of 1 large lemon or 2 small ones

400-500gms paneer or cottage cheese (can substitute with tofu but i havent tried it)

Few drops of water

Oil to deep fry

Bread crumbs

Plain flour

2 eggs for egg washing.

And that you have all these ready,

1. Take a bowl, mix all the spices along with lemon juice and add paneer cubes. Add a little water only if required. See the pic. It has to be coated nicely !

2. Keep aside for 40 min

3. In a plate, drizzle out a cup of plain flour or maida ; in a bowl, beat 2 eggs for egg washing ; another plate, bread crumb powder

4. Dip the paneer cubes in plain flour..just coat them..then dip in the egg, dip in the bread crumbs for a nice crispy coat.

5. Deep fry and its done !!!

One Response to “Crispy Paneer Bites!”
  1. venkat says:

    nice snack 🙂

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