My version of Chicken 65 !

This is not the recipe of authentic Chicken 65 or Chilli Chicken..but this is some variation I came up with and it tasted really yum !

its not tough to make and requires about 15-20 min of your time, once you have all the ingredients !

You’ll need:

4 tsps of Maida or all purpose flour

2tsps of Corn flour

1 egg

2lbs Chicken boneless- cut into small cubes

1 tsp of Barbeque sauce

2tsp of Red chilli sauce

1tsp red wine vinegar or plain vinegar

1.5tsp of tomato sauce (not much sweetened)

5-6 drops of capsico sauce(trust me, this is too dont want much of it)

Sugar, just enough for a sprinkle

Salt or soy sauce or both ! (soy gives the dark color..if u dont like it, chuck it!)

Very little Chilli powder or pepper(your taste)

Lemon (optional)

Aji-no-moto (optional) – i dont suggest as it isnt healthy

Chopped garlic  – about 4 cloves

Chopped ginger- about a tsp

3-5 Chopped green chillies

Curry leaves or any herb you have on hand – all we need is flavor

Oil to fry


Before we go ahead, lemme tell you, this is a very spicy recipe and adjust spices according to your taste !

1.To make the fried chicken pieces:- Add salt, Aji-no-moto(optional- i didnt add in my recipe), chilli or pepper powder-pinch, cornflour, plain flour and mix in a bowl. (dont add water to this. it has to be a partially wet coating on the chicken)

2.Then add chicken pieces into the bowl and egg.mix in completely.

3.Heat oil in a frying wok or kadhai-Add chicken pieces few at a time(Do not crowd the kadhai) and fry until lightly golden brown.Drain and remove on a paper towel

4.To make the sauce:- Heat 2-3 tsp oil in a pan-Add chopped green chillies,chopped ginger and garlic and saute

5. Add curry leaves, remaining tomato sauce,red chilli sauce, vinegar,capsico, soy sauce (or salt) and bbq sauce.

6. Cook for a few minutes. Add a little sugar and after a while, very little water and then add chicken to this and toss lightly

7. Fry till your required consistency.

I dont even think I can call this Chicken 65..coz the original recipe doesnt have red wine vinegar or bbq sauce or capsico sauce 😉 may be, its just my chicken ! 🙂

Also, careful with the red wine vinegar, u may get the recipe too out on quantities ! if less, u can always add !

Cheers !


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