Chicken Omlette with Beetroot n mushroom !

I m always in for an omlette ! They are easy and quick and ofcourse very versatile!  The usual spanish omlette got me bored…and tried this combo of chicken and beetroot with mushrooms..! believe me..the sweetness of the beetroot added an all new dimension to this omlette and i absolutely enjoyed it !

Just licked my plate clean and here I am typing the recipe for you !!

Ingredients :

2 tsp olive oil

½ tsp garlic

1-2 tsp chopped onion

Chopped celery (can substitute with coriander or parsley)

80-100gms chopped chicken

1tsp chopped chilli (I like it spicy )

Vegetable stock


Lite Soy sauce

For the beetroot n mushroom sauté:

1 tsp butter (cn use olive oil if u wanna cut calories)

1tsp garlic

¼ cup chopped mushroom

¼ cup grated beetroot

Some oregano, basil

Salt and pepper

And yes, u wud need about 3-4 eggs for this..


Just sauté garlic,onion,celery in olive oil. Add pieces of chicken(make sure these r finely cut and do not meddle with the texture of the omlette). Add soy sauce, vegetable stock (not much..just to let the chicken cook evenly) and some paprika. Let it cook for about 10-15min. Don’t put in salt as soy sauce has salt in it.

For the beetroots n mushrooms:

Just sauté the beets n mushrooms in butter adding oregano, basil, some salt n pepper till they turn soft

You can mix the mixtures together with the 3 beaten eggs and make the omlette…

A better way I would say is to take a pan, put in the beaten eggs(with pinch of salt) and then add the chicken filling with the beetroot filling and make it sorta wrap type !!

Either way, it would taste great 😉


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