Hash Browns and Mashed Chick pea (India-nised)

I always loved this combination of Hasbrowns with a spiced up chickpea mash..It never fails to make my tummy happy !!!

In India, we have aloo(potato) tikkis with chickpea’s and its a very popular street food called ‘chaat’ 🙂

And here comes my version of hash browns with chick peas !!

Here’s what you ll need for the hash browns :

Two medium size potato’s
coarse salt (i dont suggest fine salt for this recipe)
Deep frier

Preparation :

preparing hash browns is quite simple. All you ll need to do is just cook potatoes, salt and fry. Three simple ingredients !!

Fill up a baking tray with coarse salt (dont be conservative on this !!)

Place the unpeeled potatoes on the tray and bake it at 180 degree C for 45 min.

Once they are baked, you can easily peel of the skin. Now take a grater and grate the potato in long strides. Avoid the shorter strides coz the consistency of your hash browns wouldnt look appealing !

Once they are nicely grated, take a mould of your choice…a smaller one preferably and dip the mould in water before you stuff the grated potato in it…

Make moulds of grated potato…Get the temparature of the deep frier to about 180 degrees C and drop in those yet-to-be fried hash browns !!

Just fry till golden brown and yummy has browns are ready !!

You can sprinkle salt and seasonings of your like !! can even make them spicier !!

Any dip or sauce would go well with these…but if I want to be a snack or a mini- lunch, I make the chickpea’s too !!

For the Chickpea mash:

Chickpea’s soaked all night (about a medium sized cup)
1 medium sized onion nicely chopped
1 medium sized tomato
Chilly powder or paprika
garam masala (all-spice powder…cinnamon,clove, cardamom, cumin, coriander seeds roasted and powdered)
some cream !
oil (i prefer olive pomace oil for this !)

Prep :
Just take a pressure cooker, add the oil, fry the onions till they turn translucent and then follow it up with tomatoes. Soon after, add the paprika, salt and garam masala (a tsp wud do) a little water and slightly over cook it !!

Once its done, mash it up coarsely and garninsh it with a dollop of fresh cream and some ‘sev’

Hash browns and chick pea’s are always my favorites for a sunny evening !!

Try this and lemme know how you like it !!

Signing off !!!


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