My protein rich oat meal and chocolate cake !

For all those gym freaks and people who wanna take “healthy” calories !! This recipe was one of my innovations and a result of years of cooking n experimenting with food ! I dedicated this to my little bro..who always finishes the cake (made for 4-6 !!)

So here is my recipe !!!Here is what you need:
1 small cup (this cud be a tea cup or any standard measure)
1 cup of maida
About 1 and half cups of Sugar-free natura (keeping check of calories!!)
1.5 cups of peanut butter (you can get this in any super market)
0.5-1 cup of Roasted oats
1 cup of Isopure or Whey protein chocolate flavor.
Roasted Almonds–crushed
Just 3 large pinches of baking powder
About 2 large pinches of baking soda
2-3 eggs
Cinnamon powder (for that flavor and smell ! you can also use vanilla essence)

Now the preparation !!

Take a blender (medium sized) and crack in the eggs along with sugar and peanut butter. peanut butter is considered healthy coz of its ability to reduce bad cholesterol and the all natural sugar-free peanut butter is loaded in protein, MUFA, vitamin E, niacin and magnesium that help burn fat, build muscle and boost testosterone. So if you are gyming big time, well you would be happy to use this !
Blend it nicely till it forms a nice lovely texture.
Add the maida (plain flour) , baking powder, soda, cinnamon powder and Isopure or any protein powder of your liking in sprinkles. Dont dump into the mixture as it may increase the probability of lumps and uneven baking !
Once the mixture is nice, gooie and done..just take medium sized spoon and sift in the roasted almonds and oats. Make sure you do it in the same direction (like circles)!!

Pre heat the oven to 220 degrees celsius. Pour the mixture into a oven friendly dish (borosil…cup cake tins..anything would do !) you can line it with a thin layer of peanut butter (just in case u think d cake might stick) !
You can sprinkle other dry fruits n nuts too if your interested !!
Bake this for about 35-40 min and your protein rich cake is done !!!!!!!!!!



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