Jackfruit Seed Masala

Okay..I know most of you must be thinking that I’m quite obsessed with my garden that I’m not even leaving the seeds of my jackfruit produce 😉 Well….what to do ! I’m so proud of that tree ! 🙂 After smacking this up for dinner now with puri’s, I felt that it is worth sharing … Continue reading

Lamb Curry with Raw Mango & Raw Papaya

Last night my sister in law called me asking for a Lamb & Mango recipe. She told me that I missed making it for her in my last visit to her and now, she wanted to try it herself ! sweet ! I had a tough time telling the quantities of seasonings to her and … Continue reading

Betel leaf Chutney

I must say, I have got rather involved in my home garden and about 3 months ago I planted a betel or tamalapaku (in telugu) climber. So I picked some leaves and I tried this recipe pretty much the same way as I do mint chutney at home and I must agree it turned out … Continue reading

Steamed Asian Style Fish

It has been a long time since I blogged some recipes and here is one recipe I just made and had for my dinner. The first time I tasted it was when I went to Malaysia. I could not really reproduce the same steamed fish but with whatever quality of ingredients I got here in … Continue reading

Coconut Lamb Curry

I wanted to try something simple, yet very tasty with the 500 gms lamb in my refrigerator. And this, is the yummy outcome ! It took me just 30 mins to make it..and this was an absolute delight ! You’ll Need : 500 gms of lamb with bone (  I always prefer with bone coz … Continue reading

Mutton Paya Shorba ~(Mishkin Paya)

This recipe, I have tried to replicate and get the taste of Paya I had at Shahib Sindh Sultan. I dunno if this is the right recipe, but it TASTES PERFECT 🙂 You’ll Need : Firstly, 2 hours of time ! Secondly, the ingredients – 6 legs of lamb (paya) cut evenly In a mixer … Continue reading

Raw Mango Coconut Pachadi (Chutney)

It has been a truly long time since I have written something in my food blog..I have been busy but that didn’t keep me from cooking. I have a lot of recipes..mostly simple and quick ones to share in the coming days and here is one among them which I made yesterday 🙂 You’ll need – 1 … Continue reading

Juicy Chicken ;)

I never made this before..and I did not even have an idea how this was going to turn out. It just happened randomly on one morning when my brother wanted some Chicken for his Salad / Burger / anything he made ! So it had to be versatile and I just picked some ingredients from … Continue reading

Asian style ~ Fettucine with chicken

I tried this for dinner a few days ago and I was amazed at how it turned out ! I used Fettucine and asian ingredients to come up with this asian pasta !! It hardly took 15mins of my time and was yummmyyyy ! You’ll need : 4 tsps of sesame seeds (dry roasted) 5 … Continue reading

Nellore Fish Pulusu (Authentic Nellore style chepala pulusu)

Ahh..!!! Finally I’m writing this recipe ! This rustic, tangy fish in gravy is a Nellore speciality…I always wanted to learn this age old recipe from my grand mom but somehow missed it ! I have been to Nellore recently and this time, I made it a point to catch up with my late grandma’s … Continue reading